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  • Crowdfunding for private projects. The platform is based in Luxemburg and originally comes from France.

  • Donations for social projects and charity organisations. Betterplace is one of the biggest donation-based Crowdfunding platforms in Germany and partners with local banks.

  • Conda is an Equity-Based Crowdfunding Platform for SMEs

  • Adrifund is first Slovenian, crowdfunding locally oriented platform, established in 2016. Mostly aims at projects related to creative industries, supporting cultural events and social welfare.

  • Zltymelon is a Slovakian lending platform for SMEs.

  • is focused on public benefit projects, open to artists, designers, activists, start-ups – to anyone who has an idea or a project that can help to better the country. If the project is successful (fixed campaign raises a minimum of 100% […]

  • A donor based platform created to help out seriously ill and socially disadvantaged children and ensure their well-being. This platform is run by Pontis Foundation that guarantees transparency and accountability of the raised funds.

  • ĽudiaĽuď is the first wholly open and universal online system for charitable giving in Slovakia. It is based on an internet portal of the same name with a comprehensive database of public appeals for financial support to natural and legal entities with […]

  • is the first equity-based crowdfunding project on the Slovak market. The webpage operates and presents all projects within the Oak Investment Group to general public. By clicking the „support the project by buying equity“ one becomes part of the company, […]

  • Dobrá krajina (Good Country) is a public collection registered under SVS-OVS3-2014/020885. The Pontis Foundation and the Dobrá krajina Board make an annual selection of projects based on call for applications. Projects aimed at improving the country may receive funding online at […]